Start your day with yoga.

Home yoga practice for beginners.

Do you feel like you aren’t flexible enough?

Do you stress a lot, don’t sleep well and can’t find your balance?

I used to be just like you.

I couldn’t sleep at most nights so I was tired all the time. I had anxiety and couldn’t let go the things that wasn’t serving me anymore. This is how my soul and emotions were.

The physical side of my story felt the same. I wasn’t flexible enough that’s why the fear of injuries became very well grounded. And my shortened muscles were preventing me from accomplishing more.

Then I became my yoga journey.

Yoga allowed me to focus on my innerself.

I’m a whole different person if I start my day with practising yoga. All it takes is 20-30 minutes and my whole day is a lot better. I feel stability, groundedness, love.

And its effect on your body is just amazing. According to statistics those who practice yoga often and meditate regularly, have an 87% lower chance to get any kind of cardiovascular disease and 55% lower chance to get cancer. And how many more advantages I didn’t mention…

The yoga video is very well structured. It builds equally on strengthening as well as flexibility improving exercises. Kata motivates me while helping me quieten down at the same time.

Yoga helps keep focus and develop a good sense of overall well being.

Fruzsina P.

 I made 5 yoga videos for you which cost 30 USD.

BUT! I give one of the yoga videos to you for free!

You can try it out so you can see how much impact it has on your life. Only 30 minutes in the morning and it’s gonna change your life.

30 minutes when you don’t have to cope with negativity.

30 minutes during which you respect yourself, love yourself and teach yourself desciplin.

Fill out the form and I send you your free yoga video right away:

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Tomorrow I started my day with your yoga video. And it made me feel wonderful. I thank you so much.

Angela K.

Ever since I’ve been doing Kata’s yoga videos, I became much more flexible. My muscles don’t hurt anymore, they aren’t shortend. And I haven’t mentioned the spiritual recharge. 🙂

Vivien A.

I simply loved practicing yoga with you. As the minutes went by, I felt more and more relaxed even though my day was very stressful. By the end of the video I felt like a different person. It charged my body and soul. I’m definitely gonna do this regularly. Thank you so much Kata.

Jane F.

The thing is, I can’t remember when was the last time I had such an awful day. I could hardly get out of bed, I had a million tasks at work, I screwed up my intermittent fasting accidentally. My kid is lazy as hell, my boyfriend came home only tol isten his political shows – which I asked several times before not to do at the kichten table. I had to cook 2 kinds of dinner because he doesn’t like vegan food. I was already dark outside but I had a lot of chores left. And it starts again tomorrow… It was just too much.

And then I pushed play on Kata’s yoga video and I heard her words… I started to cry like a child. I only needed to hear these exact words she said. I simply can’t express my gratitude. I can only hope to be as impactful as she is in life. Thank you for being here with you.

Judit H.

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